The Right Kayak For You

To anyone who is not an avid outdoorsman, choosing to buy a kayak might seem like a straightforward endeavor, when it really is anything but.

Kayak’s come in many shapes and sizes and all of them fit certain activities more than others. The type of kayak you buy will also depend on the type of locale you plan to use it in, are you planning on using it in the calm flat waters of a lake? Or on whitewater rapids? There are a slew of activities that kayaks are used in by outdoorsmen, such as sport kayaking, touring, sea kayaking and even surfing. You might even follow a few on Oregon Sports news.

This makes all the difference as the body and weight of the kayak effect its maneuverability and stability. A very small, agile kayak without a keel might be good in whitewater rapids, but not at all on the calm waters of a lake or the seaside.  Similarly kayaks that are suited for the seas are a minimum of 14 feet, with the average sea kayak being 17 to 18 feet long, this length makes them unsuitable for most activities apart from open ocean paddling or being used in large lakes. It is very dangerous to operate a kayak in an environment that it was not designed for, you might tip over, injure yourself or worse if help isn’t nearby.

Different materials also result in different levels of durability in kayaks, plastic ones are the least sturdy and not very resistant to the wear and tear of the elements, while composite/fiberglass ones are sturdier and more resistant to decay but are significantly more expensive. With that said you are now ready to buy the boat that would best fit the task you need it for, happy kayaking!

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