Is Artificial Turf Environment Friendly?

The answer is YES! Since artificial grass doesn’t need or exert any toxic chemical, it is safe to say it is environmental friendly. It also doesn’t require maintenance from gas or electric powered tools so in a way you can say it’s even more environment friendly than natural grass. You might think that the artificial grass manufacturing process makes it harmful, as it is not natural, but it is safer than the real grass. Natural Grass needs a lot of water especially in summer or in the growing season, which in a way can be a waste. With the use of artificial grass you can save tons of water which is good for the environment considering the problems the world is facing about water coming to an end in the world.

Though artificial grass also needs water but just in summer sometimes because the plastic of the grass can get really hot in the summer, and needs to be cooled down. Some artificial grass are made from materials that can be recycled even though the backing/tuff bind is the only part that isn’t, it can still be melted easily and new products can be made from it. Maintenance equipment required to keep the grass healthy are Lawn mowers, simmers etc. that uses fuels like petrol and diesel which emit a large amount of Carbon, which is very bad for our environment, Artificial Grass doesn’t require any of that.

Is Artificial Turf worth your money?

Artificial Grass costs from $5 to $25 per square foot for installation, on the other hand, if professionally laid sod, then it only costs 14 to 60 cents per square foot.  Once Artificial Grass is down you are free from all the maintenance worries of your lawn for the next 15 to 25 years!

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