What to Know When Building a Computer

In this article we will be cover some of the basics of what you need to know about when you are building a gaming dator. The article will be providing some advice on how to go about things and what to avoid if you are still new to the idea of building a computer for gaming.

The first thing that we will touch up on is the CPU casing or the computer stationary. Now we have all seen the big box that is next to a desktop computer screen and we want you to know that the box is the most important part. In fact it is what the computer is. There are basically three types of computer stationeries; the full sized casing, the compact casing, and the all in one casing. The strange thing about all of these is that the full sized one is the biggest, has the most space, is the easiest to upgrade and repair later on, but is also the cheapest. This one is ideal for gaming as you will really kick yourself if you are not able to upgrade or repair due to a lack of space later on. The compact casing is kind of the same but smaller and slightly costlier, and the all in one is basically a CPU fitted in to a screen. While the other two are sleeker, they are not great for gaming.

Another thing you need to know is that the graphic card you use must support the 3D graphics on the screen. Even when trying to make a cheap gaming computer, you should opt for a good 3D graphic card subsystem. While regular graphic cards are okay for causal games, the games nowadays require a really strong 3D graphic card support to run properly and give you a good experience.

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