What Should Not Be in Your Compromise List For Student Accommodation?

When people are choosing a property that they wish to live in, they tend to make a compromise list and you should do the same if you are looking into student accommodations as it will make your decision easy. A compromise list should include all the points that you can live without but we are here to guide you about some points that you should not put in your compromise list.

Even if you are looking for cheap student accommodation in Birmingham, it does not mean that you can compromise on anything and everything as it will disbenefit you. When you are looking for student accommodation, the purpose is to find a place to stay but it should be a place that does not cause you harm in any way.


Security is a basic need and every student accommodation center should provide it by implementing different security measures. If the accommodation that you choose is in an area that is known to be safe then the security factor might not be such a big deal for you but if the accommodation that you are planning to move into is located in a neighborhood that has a crime rate then it is absolutely necessary that the accommodation should provide security measures or else you need to look into other options.


Most students do not have the money, time or motivation to purchase even a single piece of furniture which is why you should only go for accommodations that are furnished as it will save you a lot of hassle. Your room should have the essentials like a bed, closet, fan, study table and chair and a study lamp. If you have the budget for it then you can think about air conditioners and heaters, mini fridge etc.

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