What Exactly is Microblading?

If you like getting your eyebrows made then you must have heard about microblading. In case you have not heard about it before or had the procedure done for you before, it is a form of eye brow shaping that is superior to your regular eye brow styling techniques. This process requires precision and skill to pull off and the result are much better than your average brow techniques. We will quickly go over the process and why you might want to consider getting it done from a professional microblading studio, like The Microblading Brow Studio – thebrowstudiobycc.com.

Let’s begin with what microblading eye brows actually means. This is a process that requires an expert to manually shape and style your eyebrows by hand, and it results in perfectly shaped eye brows that look like they have not been touched at all. This method creates fine hair strokes that help shape the eye brow in their natural direction and the shape and size of the eye brows are decided by the face structure of the person getting their eyebrows done. Furthermore, the eyebrows are shaped in the direction that they naturally curl towards and that adds to the hyper realistic look.

This process, in essence, is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that helps make your eye brows look thicker and longer. A local anaesthetic is applied to the area and, once numb, a very fine blade is used to make very small incisions in between the eyebrows. The cuts are then filled in with pigments which stick to the top layer of the skin and help fill in the patchy areas of the eye brows. With this process you do not have to worry about constantly needing to do your eye brows and can have perfect eye brows every day.

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