Weaves For Men

Women have been known to spend from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on their hair. Be it in the form of wigs, hair extensions or weaves. While we initially mocked women for wanting to put other people’s hair on their head, it slowly started to gain momentum and became popular throughout the world. Now, that we have entered the 21st century where gender norms and differences are no longer as black or white anymore, a lot of people starting advocating for weaves for men, and now man weaves have become a thing.

It started from a celebrity barber and hairstylist in the US, and now there are a lot of businesses, companies and stylists collaborating together to make man weaves. If you happen to be interested in buying your own weave or hair unit, you can check out https://www.harjehair.com/the-man-weave/.

The entire purpose of a man weave, like with any other weave or wig is to help give you a boost in your confidence. A lot of people are not confident about their hair be it because of premature balding, patches or they just do not like the texture and styling of their natural hair. By putting on a weave, they are able to mask their insecurities around their hair and are able to get a design, length or texture that they actually want, which makes them feel good about themselves.

The entire process of putting on a weave can take 90 minutes to up to 2 hours depending on the type of weave that is involved. The costs can also vary so you can have weaves that cost a few hundred dollars and some that can hit the thousand mark, and the price range depends on the quality of hair and how long the weave itself with last.

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