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The Citizens Band radio, also known as a CB radio, are still fairly commonly used for communication despite the dominion of mobile phones and Voice over IP applications like Skype and Discord. Within vehicles in particular, they are perhaps the oldest electronic to still exist inside some many cars and police cars. Truck drivers and law enforcement are the strongest example to who makes use of CB radios and why they’re still in use despite their age. Should all else fail, a CB radio is likely to be one of the only operating devices that will not fall victim to external factors.

There are around 40 channels or so upon which most of these CB radios can operate. Single SideBand (SSB) is a mode built into them to make for less noise when attempting communication over these channels and is found in the upper-tier CB radios and anyone can use them. There isn’t an age restriction, but just a general understanding of how electronics operate would be helpful. If you’re still questioning why anyone would want to make use of these old radios and why should you concern yourself with the best CB radio out there, fret not.

Picture this, you’re out on the road with your family on a trip to a faraway location. On the way somewhere, perhaps in the middle of the night you wind up with a blown tire and because you’re out of range of any cell towers you can’t contact anyone for assistance. No one can, leaving the final option for someone to go out and try to get help perhaps from another passing car or by a nearby truck stop. These very truck stops usually make use of CB radios and if you have one yourself, you could potentially contact them a lot sooner.

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