Here’s Why You Need to Take The Drill

The thing about getting good at a sport is that you need to practice and the thing about real practice is that you need to train instead of just winging it so you actually learn from what you’re doing. And finally, the thing about training is that you have to be consistent and take things one at a time. Training is a lot like building a house; you need to first lay a foundation that will uphold everything else and after that, you need to start laying layers upon layers of building material, all the while giving it support so it stands strong.

When you’re playing basketball, you might realise that in order to successfully score a goal, you need to get the ball past other players who are trying to snatch your ball from you and if there’s a point where the ball might actually be snatched by a pair of opponent hands, you have to be smart and pass the ball to a teammate so that they can carry it forward for you. The only way to have that kind of dexterity and teamwork on the basketball court is to take basketball drill for beginners.

Like we said earlier, you can practice anything by just doing it and let experience be the teacher but with a sport that requires critical thinking and skill, you might just have to train towards getting better. If you haven’t ever played the sport for anything other than some good natured fun with friends, then you need to take those basketball drill for beginners to become a competitive player. Training can seem like a lot of work but hey, every elite player you know of was once a beginner too, you know.

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Not in Vain

To make your breakthrough in the film industry, you’re going to have to shed a lot of tears and work through a ton of hurdles. Why? The film industry is one the most successful and competitive industries there could ever be. You will find hundreds of potential actors all with the same dream of hitting those high budget films that become famous before they’re even released. A bit of an exaggeration but the point stills stands. In your own city are hundreds of other people trying to achieve the same thing as you so you can’t make any excuses.

If you couldn’t get to the audition venue because your car broke down or there was too much traffic, well too bad. The truth is simply that no one will really care about it because of those dozens of other people who would love to fill your shoes. You need to keep taking into account these things and do everything in your power to make sure that you hit the bill right. Your headshot for instance should show you at your very recent self. If you got a haircut, that should be shown. No one will like it if the person who shows up looks different from what they were expecting to see and it’s a good motivation to not even give you a chance even if the person is the same.

If they expect something, you have to give it to them. That’s one of the essential rules to being an actor and even more than that, an entertainer. The film industry isn’t going to come looking for you until you tell everyone you’re here. Get the word out, use the templates set by other actors like Christian Capozzoli’s Facebook profile to make use of the social media platform.

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Advantages of Regular Electrical Safety Inspections For Your Residential Property

Thousands of workers at various factories and construction sites become victim to electric shocks and other hazards each year due to lack of awareness regarding electrical safety. Not just workplaces but even households are at greater risk if they have not been recently inspected by a certified safety inspector or electrician. The reputation of a company can be affected if a large number of employees start quitting their job because of not having proper safety gear and trainings. This is the reason most business owners are more concerned about investing their money on regular inspections in order to appear trustworthy in the market. As a homeowner, you should never compromise when it comes to getting an inspection visit from a local electrical company as that would reduce the chances of fatal accidents.

You might be tempted to fix an electric panel on your own, but you should never even think about it because that can lead to permanent injuries. Discard all the extension cords that do not seem in good condition as they might start a sudden electric fire. None of us wants to end up being electrocuted by a broken wire in the house; therefore you get timely services from reliable electricians in your area. Westline Electricians provide 24 services in Perth to their clients and you can give them a call if you want immediate professional services in your house.

Make sure to keep all the appliances such as microwave or toaster out of the wall plug when not in use. Keeping them fixed in the socket for long period of time not only increases the chances of electric sparks but a sudden increase in voltage can even damage their functionality. You should try to prevent electrical damage as much as you can in your house.

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Commonly Made Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Pest Control Company

The worst nightmare for homeowners is when pests tend to infest their homes and are crawling around here and there. This is not only disturbing but also causes a lot of problems for them as well. With pests invading your home, storing food in your home is one of the worst possible tasks because they keep on attacking all the food items. Not only that, some of the pests come with a package deal of transmitting some of the most lethal diseases to the people living in the house which is why it is important for you to invest your money in availing the services of a pest control company.

However, if you are unable to do so the next best thing for you is to make sure that you are looking into the best possible pesticide and applying it step by step with instruction but it is always recommended to do the former. However, even while hiring residential exterminator or pest control company some people can make mistakes and we want you to avoid that because that can result in a lot of losses, sickness and more pests. With that said, following are some of the commonly made mistakes to avoid while hiring residential exterminator, check them out below.

Going For a Cheaper Company

While pests are making your life miserable, you need to make sure that you hire the best possible pest control company or residential exterminator. However, some people try to save some coin on this as well and end up hiring some cheap company that is filled with amateurs and do not even have a license. That is a huge red flag and as a consumer you should avoid going for cheap pest control companies.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Dental Work Done

While growing up, if you had a dentist in the family, then you probably did not have any major anxieties related to your visits because of the dynamic of relationship that you shared with your dentist cum relative. However, things change when you step into your adult life and have to make your own appointments and go to a dentist that is a complete stranger to you. The main reason most people are so nervous about going to their first dentist appointment for getting some dental work done is the part of not knowing what to do or what will happen because as a child all of your appointments are booked and taken care of by your parents.

So if you are interested in knowing certain things before you get any kind of dental work done from your dentist then we would suggest that you read up about it online. Although some procedures like intake may differ from clinic to clinic but overall result should be the same. If you are not sure who to go, our recommendation would be to visit With that said, following are some of the things to be kept in mind before getting dental work done, check them out below.

Pull Out Your Own Dental Records

While you are planning on going to a new dentist, you should always take your old dental records along with history, insurance info, x-rays and all the important things so that there is no time to be wasted and you can get started right away. This way your dentist will be up to date on any previous dental work you had gotten done or medical conditions you may have which is always great for saving time.

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Deep Cleaning Your House? Hire Professionals

Once we have passed through winters and spring starts rolling around, you will find almost every home owner devoting one weekend to cleaning out their entire home. They will spend hours cleaning out every corner of their home, from their windows to the upper corners of their walls, moving aside heavy furniture to get at everything and so on, such is the nature of spring cleaning. If you happened to be too busy during this time and ended up putting it off to the point that we are now nearing fall, your “spring cleaning” is long overdue. What you can do instead is deep clean your house, which is essentially the same thing.

Of course, if you still happen to be busy and find yourself procrastinating putting it off, you either need to force yourself to get started, or you can hire professional cleaning services to do it for you. If you have a busy schedule and cannot take out the time to clean your house, or if you generally do not want to do it, hiring New York maids from professional cleaning companies is a great option.

They are equipped to handle all types of cleaning jobs, from light cleaning to deep cleaning. So, once you have specified that you need your entire house deep cleaned, the company will send 2 or even more people to come to your house with their own equipment, and then spend the next few hours going over every corner in your house clearing away dust, any cobwebs, stains and so on. They will make sure to get at ever area, even the hard to reach ones, and have your house completely clean by the end of the day, and once you look at the work they have done, you will realize that it was truly an investment worth the cost.

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What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Bed

A bed is that part of the furniture that is really, really important to have. Sure, you might feel like you can do well with just an average bed, and you will not have any issues falling asleep, but I can assure you that if you really want to go have a good experience when it comes to sleeping, you must spend money on a good bed, because if you don’t, then you will not have the chance to sleep properly.

Ever since Ikea has arrived, the whole process of buying a bed has become a lot easier than it used to be, and now you can easily find the bed that you might want. You can even look at different ikea bed sizes for your guidance. As always, whenever you are buying a bed, there are some things that you must keep in mind because you want your entire experience to be a lot easier, and you don’t just want to end up with a wrong bed.

The Size of The Bed

I personally think that the size of the bed is very, very important because you might end up buying a bed that is too small for you, or a bed that is too large to properly fit in your room. To avoid any situations like that, would always suggest you to invest in a bed that is the appropriate size.

Type of The Material

Another thing that you need to consider whenever you are getting a bed is the material that is used in the bed. You can go for more expensive option such as wood, but if you want to save money, then metal beds, along with composite beds are also available in the market. So, the choice is entirely yours.

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Ways People Become Fat

Fat isn’t something that you know is happening to you, it’s something that just happens and by the time you realise it, it’s already a tad bit too late to avoid it. However, if fat happens to you, you shouldn’t let it depress you to a point that you just let go of yourself further and dive into comfort eating and what have you. There’s a number of things you can do to make yourself slim and attractive again, if you’re up for it.

Even if you have a lot on your plate (no, not food) every day and cannot find the time to get some exercise, you can still resort to the use of weight loss pills to get your desired results. Now a lot of these pills are safe and will get you the results you’re looking for, but remember that many of these pills are actually pretty bad for your health as well and by using them, you’re going to put your health at great risk. Here’s list of pills you can use that are both safe and effective at And here’s how you become fat over time.

Comfort Eating

You think to yourself that one time wouldn’t hurt and before you know it, it’s all the time. Comfort food can be effective in uplifting your mood temporarily but it’s not doing your body any favours. If you’re depressed then you may need to get help.

Irregular Meal Times

A lot of us don’t seem to realise this but if we miss meal times and feed at irregular times throughout the day, we’re more likely to put on weight with even healthy food than otherwise with regulated eating habits with fatty foods.

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What Are The Benefits of Kayaking?

Our current lifestyle has created several disabilities and dysfunctions our body as we tend to spend more time within our home. No matter where you work or what your job designation is, you should take part in an outdoor activity every weekend in order to stay in good shape and reduce the chances of getting various diseases. Kayaking is one of those sports which pose constant challenges and surprises to the adventurers so that they can expect anything at any given moment. One moment you find yourself surrounded around by a peaceful foggy valley and the next moment you are rushing downwards loud stream of water with high speed.

After spending a few hours in the kayak you might feel slight pain in your biceps or triceps as it offers a great endurance workout to the upper body. In some terrain settings you would also be required to make specific leg movements which would in turn cause you to also work on those lower body muscles at the same time. If you have spent a hectic day at the workplace then going for kayaking for a few hours can help you get all those negative and destructive thoughts off from your mind so that you can have better focus afterwards. If you want to know about high quality brands for kayaking paddles in the market then make sure to click this link now.

Getting proper gear and equipment is crucial as that would allow you to have better chances of developing necessary muscles and tendons rather than having muscular sprains. Paddling through calm waters also offers a meditative experience and can improve your cognitive abilities. If you still have the depressive thought of dealing with emails at workplace then consider going for a kayaking adventure to reduce chances of depression.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a VPN

People who prefer keeping their identity anonymous on the internet usually opt for VPN or virtual private networks. These tools let you be completely anonymous, and secured while surfing the internet, and you can even access websites that are blocked for some reason. VPNs are increasingly becoming popular in the modern day and age, and for a good reason.

Just check out gosecure to see what I am talking about here, and you will understand it. As far as the VPN is concerned, if you are looking for a new VPN that you want to try out, then I would suggest you go ahead and check out this article, and you will have a proper understanding.

The Pricing

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that all the top VPNs come for a price. The good thing is that there are trial versions available as well, so you are not bound to buy it right away. You can try the free version beforehand, and then see whether you are willing to buy the VPN because otherwise, it is just not worth it.


Another important thing that you need to keep in mind whenever you are thinking about choosing a VPN is making sure that you are aware of the usage. There are so many different uses of VPN; I personally use it to access US version of Netflix, and buy music through websites that have geo lock on them. But make sure that you check this out, and find which VPN is suitable for what cause. Then you can go ahead and buy the one that you think is right for you. The decision making process should not take all that long.

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Things to Consider When Running a Facebook Ad Campaign

If you are thinking about running a Facebook ad campaign, the good news is that it is going to go great because ever since Facebook announced this feature, a lot of people who were running their businesses from their Facebook profiles or pages got the right amount of budget to spend on the marketing of their business.

You can have a look at the best facebook ads agency if you are looking for a great place to start. But if you want to start a Facebook ad campaign, below are some things that you should consider before going ahead. This will help you make the most out of your budget, and you will be able to do something good with it as well.

How Much You Want to Spend

The first thing you should consider is how much you are actually willing to spend. You will have options as well, and some people start with a relatively small amount like $5, but you can go as high as you want. Just make sure that you are putting your money to a good use, and not spending the entire ad budget altogether.

Type of Audience You Want to Reach Out To

Another important thing that you should consider whenever you are going to run a Facebook ad campaign is that you must always consider beforehand. The reason behind that is rather simple. That way, you will know that you are not really wasting your money on something that you do not want. I know a lot of people who have no idea about the audience they are targeting, and they end up spending so much money on ads without even considering it.

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What Mistakes You Must Avoid When Investing in Real Estate

Although the whole concept of investing in real estate is something that looks great from afar, the thing you need to know about is that the market happens to be a lot more random, and unpredictable than you might think in the first place. That is why it is best that you avoid all the mistakes that can be made during the process.

Investing in a real estate can be a lot easier if you look at Notting Hill Condos, because they have some great options available. Still, some people are prone to making mistakes, and hence, it is important to avoid the mistakes to make things simpler and easier. Let us look at the mistakes that one should avoid.

Avoiding a Consultant

Whenever you are thinking about investing in a real estate market, the important thing that you must know about is that you have the option to consult an expert who will tell you whether you should invest in the market or not. Some people avoid this altogether and they invest on their own. Do not make this mistake as it can cost you dearly, which never is a good thing.

Not Exploring Your Options

Another thing that I would suggest you to do whenever you are looking to invest in real estate is that you must always explore your options. Because that will help you a lot more than you might think in the first place. Sure, you might feel like exploring is not your thing but for the sake of saving your own money, it is a thing that happens to be really important. After all, it is all about minimizing losses, and maximizing gains, and in order to do that, you will have to do the research.

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The Right Way to Start a Nursing Career

If you are looking to start a career in nursing, you will find that there is a high demand for nurses in hospitals throughout the country, however, there is still a high influx of nurses graduating every year and the best hospitals only choose from the best. So, there is going to be competition for you in the job market. If you want to make sure you land a good position as a good hospital, you need to start working for it from the start.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you get in a reputable nursing school that is known to provide the best nursing qualifications and experience. This kind of helps you get an advantage over other nurses who might be studying in other institutions. Your next goal is to focus on your education, maintaining a good and stable CGPA is necessary throughout your degree. So, making sure you make your submissions on time and are able to score high enough every time.

Theory aside, the true measure of a nurse’s ability is how they perform on their placements. So, regardless of which specialty your placement is in, you want to make sure that you achieve all of your required tasks and are able to pass all of the requirements in your assessment. Maintaining a good and professional rapport with your nurse mentor is also necessary since their recommendation and good word can also be a great advantage for you. Ultimately, regardless of what career path you want to take, you have to make sure that you work hard from the start and are committed to whatever task you are doing because once you have done your best, then you truly deserve nothing less than the best later on.

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High Efficiency Industrial Pumps

In industries, a lot of chemicals are used in manufacturing goods, processing materials or juts to keep the machines in the factory cool and running. Due to the immense workload of the factories, there’s a need for these chemicals to be pumped as much as possible at as high a pressure as possible as well. However, high pressure pumping serve’s the industry’s need but at the same time, industries also have a responsibility to make sure that the chemicals they’re pumping aren’t exposed to the environment.

Often times, the chemicals, gasses and waste fluids pumped in industries are an environmental hazard, along with being dangerous to human health as well. There are any pressure groups that force industries to make sure that they’re being responsible when handling these fluids. One of the areas where chemicals and gasses become exposed to the environment and the workers includes the shafts of the pumps that a lot of factories use.

To eliminate the dangers of the traditional shaft pump, industries are switching to magnetic chemical pumps in South Africa. These kinds of pumps are capable of pumping at higher pressures that suit the factory requirements and at the same time, it’s impossible for liquid or even gas to leak or spill from them. These pumps are also more durable and easier to maintain since there is no shaft in the pump, which is the part that needs to be sealed and protected, this reduces a lot of a factory’s maintenance costs as well.

The only downside of magnetic chemical pumps in South Africa is that they are a bit more power hungry than their shaft driven counterparts, but for the level of safety and pumping pressure they offer, they’re worth the extra operating expense.

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What to Keep in Mind When Feeding Your Puppy?

When a puppy leaves his dog mommy and comes to his human parents then it is their responsibility to take care of all of his need and to also make sure that they keep him in the best of health. You can gift you puppy the present of proper health and god growth by giving him the best of nutrition. Now just as a human baby would, it is vital that you take the proper care when you pick a puppy food because it will be the main component in the growth of your puppy.

Now you see, when a puppy leaves his mother’s milk. The rate of his growth accelerates that is why he needs to have a proper balanced diet. Now he can’t tell what is important in that diet that is why it is important that you take care of the minerals and nutrients that your puppy is consuming. It is very easy to do this because it just requires a little preparation and if you are still confused about what you should and you shouldn’t feed your puppy then we suggest that you browse to, here you will find all the reviews and the instruction that you need to make sure that your puppy receives the right nutrition and is groomed for properly.

This site is very good because it is a guide to help you care for your puppy. It has everything that you need to know to take care of your puppy. So if you are confused about anything that is related to your puppy then all you need to do is go to this site and you will get all the guidance that you need.

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Java Pipe And Their Web Hosting Plans

JavaPipe is a java web hosting company. This company offers the opportunity to create, build, upload and host or keep online your website. They range in a wide array of web hosting and programming services. Their specialty is Java hosting with an open cloud platform on a MySQL and they even provide a money back guarantee. This offer is for the first month only. A lot of web hosts do not provide this service. They work on Linux as they believe that it is the most stable and most suitable platform for working on Java hosting. JavaPipe provides a range of packages for hosting your website.

This article gives a detailed description about them. Check out these JavaPipe hosting plans to choose one which you think suits your need. JavaPipe provides 3 plans, namely, entry, medium and large plans. These are divided according to the price range and the features offered increased as the price increases. A lot of features offered on these plans are standard, which are essential features. These include Tomcat installation and Control panels of Workx. Other such things include Off-site back up, which is very essential, Java Framework Support, dedicated JVM storage, unlimited email accounts, sub domains, and alias domains, email forwarding with auto response system etc. These features are standard all across the packages.

The differences in these packages are the features which include SSD storage of 5, 10 & 20GBs for Entry plan, medium plan and Large plans simultaneously. Similarly, monthly data transfer of 200, 500 and 1000GBs are offered across the same spectrum. The main difference is of these features and other than that all the packages offer the same features; even priorities remain the same unlike many other businesses that discriminate clients. So if you need to buy any package, you can simply contact us.

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Why You Should Give Online Shopping One Chance?

People who are not tech savvy or do not use internet that much should know that online shopping is not difficult at all because nowadays, most of the e-stores and platforms are user friendly which means that you will have no trouble purchasing clothing items and other things that you want.

We have seen many people vouch for Tee Pinch shirts but if you are not sure whether you should purchase from the website or not, we suggest that you search up reviews about it online and think carefully before you make any purchase. Have you ever been slightly inclined towards trying out shopping online but were never fully convinced to do it? We are going to outline some benefits that you can gain by shopping online so let us have a look.

Stay at Home

Often, we do not feel like going out to buy just a shirt then what can you do? You can just go online, go to the trusted clothing store’s website and buy whatever you want. You will not have to step one foot out the door and your dress will be delivered to you.

Time Saving

Shopping trips are fun but sometimes you just do not have the time to go out and go from shop to shop just to find that perfect item of clothing. Even if you love shopping trips, you will agree that they are time consuming. If you opt for shopping online, you will save unimaginable amount of time as you would just need to browse through the online store and select the items that you like. Once you select the items, they will be transferred to your cart, you will then need to fill out basic information like your name, phone number address, payment method and you can even give some special instructions if you like.

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How to Find The Best Background Check Service

Pre-employment screening is becoming popular more than ever and nowadays most employers consider it a highly trusted source to measure the credibility of a potential applicant. Depending upon the recruitment needs and budget or a particular organization, they should be able to find a suitable background check service. Even if a particular job might appear perfect for the designated vacant position in the company, you can never be fully sure about their past criminal records until you don’t take information from FBI sources. You should first know that why exactly do you need a related service so that you can make the right decision.

You can never fully trust on the information given in the resume or CV of a job candidate because a large portion of it might be highly exaggerated. Even if your recruitment managers are highly expert at evaluating potential candidates, you should still have another source of information that can testify their credibility. Hiring the wrong person for the job would not only be highly unsafe for your company’s internal environment but it can even incur you huge losses due to faulty investment. After all, none of us want to end up having a sex-offender walking around workplace that would not only jeopardize the safety of others but also damage the company’s reputation. If you are looking for a reliable source to access past records of your employees, then make sure to check out the website now.

The level of task you want to delegate to the related companies is dependent upon your budget and needs. If you want the inspections on criminal records to be entirely administered by the background check service, then you should look for full-service company as they ensure to adhere to the legal compliance of the state.

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When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Many times when people collide their car with another vehicle on the road they do not know how to hold other party accountable even if they are at fault. Many of us have a misconception that car accident lawyers mainly have jurisdiction within the designation boundary courts but their authority lies much further than that. From working with law enforcement authorities to knowing about medical terms, they are your best bet while facing such an inconvenient situation. Watching the advertisements on TV many of us are aware that it is never a good idea to delay a legal matter because you would not have the right to sue. So it is highly important when to retain legal counsel so that you don’t make any blunders.

Not only are your car’s parts at risk but also your own health, and it is highly important to take all matters under consideration. Make sure to write down the other driver’s license detail in your filed report so that you have maximum chances of recovery and this cost also covers all the medical charges. Many states follow a no-fault system in which it makes each side liable to pay a designated amount of money so that the injured victim gets medical treatment without any delay. If you are looking for the best car accident attorney in your area, then make sure to check out the website of now.

You might not plan to hire a lawyer if you have minor injuries but it is always better to seek legal advice. Many states have clearly stated that only those individuals would be able to make legal claims that are able to prove that the entire road side accident occurred due to the legal negligence of other party.

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Advantages of Investing in a Real Estate Project

Different entrepreneurs will tell you different things that have given them their road to success but not every type of business venture might be everyone’s cup of tea. Each person has their own set of ideas, beliefs and interests in which they want to apply their knowledge and gain something out of it, and same is the case with the world of real estate too. If you are someone who wants to invest in a new business venture and have funds to do so, we would suggest that you invest in the project of Daniels Artworks Tower or any other real estate project that works for you. There are multiple benefits of investing in a real estate project and we will be discussing some of them in this article, so stay tuned for that. When you are a stakeholder in a real estate project, you get a lot of liberty and autonomy along with profits while making decisions in the project. With that said, we will now move on to discuss some of the advantages of investing in a real estate project, check them out below.

High Returns

The biggest interest that lies in real estate investment for most people is the higher amount of returns that they get on the capital that they initially invested in. Since there is a lot of cash inflow, after paying all the bills and everything, the leftover money is the income that people get on their capital which is what motivates them to reinvest in such things.


Another important advantage of investing in real estate projects is that when you own a part of something you can take part in the decision making process as well. This will help you in generating more profits.

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