Not in Vain

To make your breakthrough in the film industry, you’re going to have to shed a lot of tears and work through a ton of hurdles. Why? The film industry is one the most successful and competitive industries there could ever be. You will find hundreds of potential actors all with the same dream of hitting those high budget films that become famous before they’re even released. A bit of an exaggeration but the point stills stands. In your own city are hundreds of other people trying to achieve the same thing as you so you can’t make any excuses.

If you couldn’t get to the audition venue because your car broke down or there was too much traffic, well too bad. The truth is simply that no one will really care about it because of those dozens of other people who would love to fill your shoes. You need to keep taking into account these things and do everything in your power to make sure that you hit the bill right. Your headshot for instance should show you at your very recent self. If you got a haircut, that should be shown. No one will like it if the person who shows up looks different from what they were expecting to see and it’s a good motivation to not even give you a chance even if the person is the same.

If they expect something, you have to give it to them. That’s one of the essential rules to being an actor and even more than that, an entertainer. The film industry isn’t going to come looking for you until you tell everyone you’re here. Get the word out, use the templates set by other actors like Christian Capozzoli’s Facebook profile to make use of the social media platform.

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