No Trouble Unpaid

Most workplaces are pretty safe to work in so for the most part, there isn’t any threat to workers. Other work environments such as factories or construction sites are another story, however. In these environments, workers are paid for their labour as well as for taking risks. While these workers are agreeing to the fact that they’re going to be doing risky work, the company still has a responsibility to make sure that the workers get through the day as safely as possible.

Despite the efforts made by both the workers as well as the employers, there is still a very real chance of accidents taking place at work. In a lot of cases, these accidents are due to the fact that a worker wasn’t being very careful about following safety procedures. However, it’s also possible that a worker gets hurt because the company was neglectful. If the circumstances under which an accident occurs are because of the employer’s negligence on the matter, then all workers who were harmed are entitled to a certain amount of compensation.

Getting injured means two things; the worker can no longer work till he or she is healed and that there will be medical bills that need paying. A worker who got hurt because of the employer’s negligence is entitled to compensation for lost time at work as well as for medical bills. Ideally, employers know this and will acknowledge their mistake. However, some employers see accidents as an invitation to bad press and they try to suppress the matter.

If you or someone you know is hurt because of their employer and isn’t being compensated for the damages, Costa Ivone lawyers are here to help. Get in touch now to learn more about workplace injury claims.