Making Spinal Surgeries Less Painful

Most spinal issues are eventually referred to surgical treatments because surgery is the most common and reliable treatment of spinal problems. The traditional method of surgery is the open surgery method. In this method, a large incision is taken from the treatment which usually results in the other nearby tissues and muscles getting damaged. This causes even more pain to the patient and increases the healing time.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

The other method of surgery is minimally invasive spinal surgery. This is new approach to spinal surgeries as it uses relatively smaller incisions than open surgery. This way, less harm is caused to the surrounding tissues and muscle which results in a faster recovery. This new approach also reduces the pain which the patient goes through.

The Process

The surgeon uses a special type of X-ray to view the surgery so that the precise treatment area is located. This is followed by making a small incision at the back for the surgeon to get to the treatment area. A tool called tubular retractor is put into the incision so that the treatment area is exposed. The surgeon then puts small tools through the retractor to make the necessary repairs to the spine. The small include a camera and a light. After the surgeon is done, the retractor is removed and the incision closed. After most minimally invasive surgeries, the patient is able to go home on the same day or sometimes after a day or two. The patient might also suffer from some pain which can be relieved by medicines. Although the process is very precise, the patients might be given special instructions on how they can use their back. The doctor might limit physical activity or suggest wearing braces as these are helpful.

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