Java Pipe And Their Web Hosting Plans

JavaPipe is a java web hosting company. This company offers the opportunity to create, build, upload and host or keep online your website. They range in a wide array of web hosting and programming services. Their specialty is Java hosting with an open cloud platform on a MySQL and they even provide a money back guarantee. This offer is for the first month only. A lot of web hosts do not provide this service. They work on Linux as they believe that it is the most stable and most suitable platform for working on Java hosting. JavaPipe provides a range of packages for hosting your website.

This article gives a detailed description about them. Check out these JavaPipe hosting plans to choose one which you think suits your need. JavaPipe provides 3 plans, namely, entry, medium and large plans. These are divided according to the price range and the features offered increased as the price increases. A lot of features offered on these plans are standard, which are essential features. These include Tomcat installation and Control panels of Workx. Other such things include Off-site back up, which is very essential, Java Framework Support, dedicated JVM storage, unlimited email accounts, sub domains, and alias domains, email forwarding with auto response system etc. These features are standard all across the packages.

The differences in these packages are the features which include SSD storage of 5, 10 & 20GBs for Entry plan, medium plan and Large plans simultaneously. Similarly, monthly data transfer of 200, 500 and 1000GBs are offered across the same spectrum. The main difference is of these features and other than that all the packages offer the same features; even priorities remain the same unlike many other businesses that discriminate clients. So if you need to buy any package, you can simply contact us.

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