High Efficiency Industrial Pumps

In industries, a lot of chemicals are used in manufacturing goods, processing materials or juts to keep the machines in the factory cool and running. Due to the immense workload of the factories, there’s a need for these chemicals to be pumped as much as possible at as high a pressure as possible as well. However, high pressure pumping serve’s the industry’s need but at the same time, industries also have a responsibility to make sure that the chemicals they’re pumping aren’t exposed to the environment.

Often times, the chemicals, gasses and waste fluids pumped in industries are an environmental hazard, along with being dangerous to human health as well. There are any pressure groups that force industries to make sure that they’re being responsible when handling these fluids. One of the areas where chemicals and gasses become exposed to the environment and the workers includes the shafts of the pumps that a lot of factories use.

To eliminate the dangers of the traditional shaft pump, industries are switching to magnetic chemical pumps in South Africa. These kinds of pumps are capable of pumping at higher pressures that suit the factory requirements and at the same time, it’s impossible for liquid or even gas to leak or spill from them. These pumps are also more durable and easier to maintain since there is no shaft in the pump, which is the part that needs to be sealed and protected, this reduces a lot of a factory’s maintenance costs as well.

The only downside of magnetic chemical pumps in South Africa is that they are a bit more power hungry than their shaft driven counterparts, but for the level of safety and pumping pressure they offer, they’re worth the extra operating expense.

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